The current pandemic is affecting the lives of everyone in ways that are unprecedented in recent history both in terms of health and finance.

The government have announced many things over the last week in terms of support for business but due to the nature of the situation and timescales there are a lot of headlines but not yet many details.

We recognise that trying to understand the myriad of information will be difficult as some is confusing and there are many unanswered questions – therefore we have put together a pack of information which we are sending to our clients based on currently available Government guidance (25th March 2020) please click on the links below to access the information.

We appreciate that not all information will be relevant to everyone but feel its better to have it all and ignore it than not have something that might be useful.

We am sure you will have further questions when you have read it so please get in touch to discuss any questions you have and we will try and provide further information on your specific situation.

We will be updating the information and guidance as we get more details and clarification so please keep checking back for updates.

Most importantly follow the guidance issued to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Please click on the items below for further information

Corona Virus Client Letter

Tax Time To Pay Scheme

Income Tax Deferral Scheme

VAT Payments Deferral Scheme

Job Retention Scheme

Cash Grants for small properties

Cash Grants for retail scheme

Business Rates Holiday Scheme

Business Interruption Loan Scheme

Statutory Sick Pay Changes

Companies House filing extension

Other Advice